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Striving to build an easy film import process.

August 2, 2022

Complaints about the film upload process did not go unnoticed! We worked hard to redesign the film import process; from resuming a broken upload, to improved speed and reliability.  In addition, we built in the ability to directly transfer your film from Hudl or Google Drive without downloading it to your device and then uploading it to WatchGameFilm.

Now to make things even easier, we have combined all of this into a simple easy-to-use wizard.  We even make sure you have selected the video clips you want to add before you create a film record thus eliminating orphaned film records containing no video clips. Just follow our Add Film Wizard and you will be watching film in no time!

Add film features are:

We are currently working with Early Adopters testing our mobile application, improving telestration and practice planner features, etc. If you are digging this action and want to be a part of it, please text (425) 437-3777 or email us at and tell us that you want to be a part of the Early Adopter Program.

Please see Add Film Wizard documentation.