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New Release in the Works

July 23, 2022

There are a lot of changes, improvements and new features are coming to the WatchGameFilm platform this fall season.  Here is just a small taste of what is in store for August 2022. 

Top 5 New Things for WatchGameFilm

1a. WatchGameFilm is FREE for up to 10 Films

The biggest change of all is the WatchGameFilm is NOW FREE for any team that wants to store up to 10 films.  Simply visit, create your team, instantly receive your login email and begin using your team.  No credit card required, no nosey sales rep involved. :-)

1b. We're still the Best Value for your Dollar

As always, our pricing does  not change.  We will not gouge you, force a contract or time commitment from you, overcharge you or give you a price hike after our initial offer.   WatchGameFilm is and will always be $100 per year, unlimited film, unlimited users.  To upgrade to unlimited film or to renew your unlimited film package, simply log into your WatchGameFilm team and go to Settings > Payments.  Note that we no longer offer monthly subscriptions.  Unlimited film is an annual subscription, with no automatic renewal or long term commitment.

2. Roku TV

Every town that has at least 1 team purchasing an unlimited film subscription to WatchGameFilm is allowed to purchase a Roku channel ($200 add-on) for their community.  Now you and your other club teams can all post films from WatchGameFilm straight to Roku so that friends, families, and relatives can watch your games from the comfort of their couch.  This is a 100% custom branded Roku Channel specifically built for your franchise that your community and fanbase will surely appreciate.

Roku TV Details coming soon

3. Mobile Application that Records Games

We have worked long and hard to finally provide a mobile application that not only can view game film, but can record games AND upload the film while you are recording so that it is posted to your team before you even get to the parking lot after your game!  This is currently in beta testing now and is sure to be a big hit this fall for so many of our teams.

Mobile Application Details:

4. Hudl Transfer

Now you can simply provide the Hudl Download URL and your film is automatically loaded to your team. No download to your device / upload from your device is needed.  Receiving film from a Hudl team is now super easy. 

Hudl Transfer Details:

5. Cloud Transfer

As well as Hudl Transfer, you can now provide the URL and your film is automatically loaded to your team across the cloud. No download to your device / upload from your device is needed.  Google Drive is currently supported and we are working to support DropBox, iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive in the near future. 

Cloud Transfer Details:

Top 5 Apps for WatchGameFilm

1. Team Playbooks

Now you can upload and manage your playbooks in WatchGameFilm.  Upload not only your current playbook but additional playbooks to help your coaching staff and players.

Playbook  Details:

2. Practice Planner

Get organized and prepared before your staff steps on the practice field. Create daily practice plans and have your assistant coaching staff view them before practice starts or on their phone while at practice.

Practice Planner Details:

3. Statistics

Generate cutups, analyze tendencies, and prepare for upcoming opponents.

Statistics Details coming soon

4. Create Highlights

Parents and Players can create highlights as well as Coaches can create cutups for staff and athletes to review.  Easily create your highlights and post them to your favorite social media account or generate a URL to send to anyone.

Create Highlights Details coming soon

5. Team Calendar

Easily Manage team events and calendars through our Outlook-style interface.  Have a central spot to team planning for all to see.

Team Calendar Details:

Our Flagship Feature 

Mature Film Exchange

Post film to a league locker, trade film with an individual league or other WatchGameFilm teams. Even trade film with other Hudl teams.  We have exchanged hundreds of thousands of films for the last decade and a half and are your proven and trusted film exchange platform.

Film Exchange Details:

Honorable Mention

New Film Upload

We have improved the film upload experience and it has been written from the ground up this year. It even included the ability to resume from a previous point of upload if internet connection is lost.

New Film Upload Details: